I can’t login to watch Chosen Live! (on crowdcast)

Crowdcast requires every user to login with their email (there is no password).

How to Login.

1. On Chosen.familyfed.org, Click “Watch Live”. 

2. If you are not already logged in, it will ask for your email. Enter your email.

3. Click “Email me a login link.” Do not worry if it does not give you this option. Continue to #4

4. Open your email inbox and find any email from Crowdcast for the FamilyFed event.

5. In the email, click the orange button to login.

6. Enjoy the show.

Remember, the key is to look for the big orange button in your email! 


Clicking the orange button in any past Crowdcast email will log you in directly. Note: The orange buttons are not in the "Live in 30 mins" emails because those come from us, not Crowdcast. 


TIP: Try to always use the same computer and browser to access Crowdcast. You can access the broadcast direcly because crowdcast will remember your browser for 90 days!

If you STILL cannot log in, please watch using our back-up stream.


I logged into watch Chosen Live but it is showing a previous episode.

On the top left, click on the sessions and select the current episode.


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