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Give the Gift of CHOSEN: Discovering the Divine Principle, Fully Remastered - GIFT

With access to the 40 episodes your giftee will:

  • Experience spiritual renewal. Reconnect with God and what truly matters through  in-depth presentations by Rev. Andrew Compton, director of education at the International Peace Education Center.

  • Hear dynamic commentary. Discover how leading pastors of the American Clergy Leadership Conference have engaged the Divine Principle in their lives and ministries.

  • Learn on your own time. Watch the series in 40 days or 40 weeks. Take the course at your own pace--in the comfort of your home!

  • Become a witness. Tap into the transformative power of the Divine Principle when you apply it and share it with others. The truth will set us free (John 8:32).


Hear how Rev. Mark Abernathy's family experienced transformation through this Chosen series:

Staying Home? It’s Time to Renew Your Faith. Whether it’s your first time or twentieth time, now is the best time to Discover or Rediscover the Divine Principle.


Discover a New Truth

  • There’s hope for lasting happiness. You are NOT doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, if you can transform your life with God’s unchanging Principles. 

  • Diagnose the deep nature of human suffering. As a doctor makes a diagnosis, you too must understand the illness behind the human condition in order to bring healing.

  • Unlock God’s strategy to bring a heavenly world. Through God’s unending love for his children, He has been working ceaselessly to bring about a better world. Our Heavenly Parent is calling you to understand His course because it is impossible without you.

  • Reveal the secrets of the Bible. Finally connect the dots of every story in the Bible and see how God has been building a family. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to answer the questions that have puzzled theologians for thousands of years.

  • See how God is working RIGHT NOW. You hear a lot about  miracles of the past, but God has never stopped his mission to save humanity. Let Him work His full power in your life and family.

You were chosen by God to be alive at this time, but your story can only have a happy ending if you understand God and how He has been working to accomplish His will. Will you answer his call?


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